What is TouchWood?

What is Touch Wood?

The tree of the north fist and the acorn in the shop.
It has been there for a long time since before I knew Biei.
I didn’t feel much of a tree in the past, but i saw birds and ezo squirrels doing delicious scares, and when I looked again, they were tall, the trunk was very thick, and they stretched the branches and leaves vigorously.
Sometimes they protect me from the strong wind and gently create a tree shade.
Usually, it blends into the scenery, but it seems to have changed its existence greatly when it notices by chance.
I feel that people and trees are more deeply connected than they used to be.
In some areas, it is said that there are spirits in the trees.
May happiness last for the Holy Spirit.
I hope you will be protected from bad things.
It seems to say touch wood while touching the tree with a wish.   
Thank you for visiting our website.

With the hope that many people’s wishes will come true.        

『… Touch wood.』