Cafe Menu


Wagyu toro donburi ¥1,200 (with mi
so soup pickles)           

Biei Spare Ribs ¥1,600 (Rice wi
th Miso Soup Salad)      

Pitsua MAYOMAYO ¥1,200 

Pork cutlet ¥1,200 (rice wi
th miso soup salad)       

Biei Katsu Curry ¥1,200 (with
Mini Salad)             

Reprinted cutlet sandwich ¥800 (w
ith salad)               



Mini Liming Pudding ¥2
00 (Set with meal)  

Maple Nut Waffle   

Chocolate Waffle ¥640   

Sometimes fruit cake ¥400   

Adult melon parfait ¥1,
000 (seasonal menu)   

Rikyu Set (Japanes
e Tea Ceremony) ¥700   

Triple Ice Cream ¥880   

Various types of ice cream   



Coffee (single item)
¥400 (meal set) ¥200   

Various types of
tea (single item)
¥400 (meal set) ¥2
00 Dargelin Earl
Grey Ceylon Straw
berry Cream Blood

Cafe Latte ¥500   

Tea and latte ¥500   

Strawberry Smoothie ¥600   

Amayro Milky Way   

Amayro Twilight   

Strawberry cream cheese   

Matcha Cream Cafe Latte ¥600   

Biei Vanilla Milk   



Asahi Beer ¥550   

Lemon Sour   

Peach sour with pulp ¥600   

Nikka Highball   

Cassis Soda ¥550   

Local wine is also available.         


Exclusive courses for guests

Shabu-shabu Biei Wagyu ¥5,600 

Sakiyaki Biei Wagyu ¥5,600 


Galette ¥1,000 (with m
ini salad)             

You can also choose dinner f
rom the café menu.       

The amount is not included in the consumption tax.

※About allergy We do not c
orrespond to the allergy in
our store.          
Thank you very much for your under