Recommended Spots

Recommended Spots

The hill town of Biei has a variety of beautiful landscapes.
Although it is a part, I will introduce the view spot of the nearest to our store.

Hill Of Shikisai

About 300m from our store! 1 minute by car

The moment you walk through the arcade of the shop and take a step forward.The tokachi-dake Commonwealth which rises ahead of the beautiful flowers and the other.Snowmobiles are also available in winter.It is a spectacular amusement park through out of the four seasons representing Japan.



Hill Of Shinei

About 3km from our store, 4 minutes by car

It is a viewing park where you can see the tokachi-dake mountain range, Asahi-dake, and Ashibetsu-dake, and overlooking the hill of 360-year-old Biei.Depending on the season and the weather, it is a place where the impression does not stop in the scenery of various expressions.



Red Roof House

About 3km from our store, 4 minutes by car

It is a hill where the house of the red roof famous as a scenery which symbolizes Biei can be seen.The contrast between biei’s gentle hills and the impressive red roof is like an illustration in a picture book.You can feel like you’ve stepped into the world of fairy tales.



Christmas Tree

About 3km from our store, 4 minutes by car

Christmas decorations are not, of course, but at dusk it reminds me of a shining tree.Throughout the four seasons, there are days when the color of the red ness is dyed all over the place.I was surrounded by the color myself, and i felt like i was dreaming softly.It is one of the places where you want to visit many times in search of a pleasant time.



Ken and Mary’s Tree

About 10km from our store, 15 minutes by car

A poplar tree that i’ve been spending with Biei for a long time on hot and snowy days.It is towering over a vast farmland and will soon reach the age of 100.You can feel the size of existence even from a distance.

“Where have you always been?The
ree is as if it were supporting the sky of Biei’s natural color.



Mild Seven Hill

About 10km from our store, 15 minutes by car

Larch trees lined up in a row.You can enjoy the magnificent scenery when you go up the hill with larch sideways.There are two large poplar trees, called brother’s tree.It is one of the hills where you can taste various changes in the season and time.




Grass Roll

One 400 kilograms is a pasture roll.The view from a distance is lined up with a lot of rollers and feels adorable.But if you look closely… It’s very big.The pasture roll is wound and carried immediately when it is cut.The same scenery never lasts long.It’s !!! today.And the camera will increase the going out in one hand.



Roller Coaster Road

About 4km from our store 5 minutes by car

It is a straight road of about 4km that a gentle slope and a steep slope alternately.The scenery on the way is also wonderful, and it is a recommended road which can be enjoyed by the motorcycle and the road bike.



Seven Star Tree

15km from our store, 20 minutes by car

A khasiwa tree near the top of the patchwork road.The old leaf seems to attach to the branch until the new leaf is complete though the tree of the kashiwa is a deciduous tree.The figure is surrounded by a very mysterious charm.



Parent and child tree

About 12km from our store 18 minutes by car

It seems to be called so because three kashiwa trees look like parents and children.It looks like he’s holding hands with the little kid’s tree in the middle.There is a mother-in-law tree nearby, too, and it seems to be like us human beings, and familiarity is felt.It is a tree which wants to star quietly from a distance.



Blue Pond

About 17km from our store, 20 minutes by car

It is a place where you can enjoy the mysterious scenery and green blue and light blue.Especially on a sunny morning without a wind, you might encounter a fantastic special blue.It is also nice to be lit up on a snowy night.




About 25km from our store, 33 minutes by car

The Tokachi-dake Federation is a volcanic county with almost a row of mountains such as Biei Fuji (1,881m) biei-dake (2,052m) and the former Tokachi-dake (1,646m) centering on the main peak of Tokachi-dake (2,077m).Along with the spectacular mountains, the forests of the sub-cold zone consisting of ezomatsu and todomatsu are also attractive.Biei is located at the foot of the mountains.Why don’t you visit biei once?




About 3km from our store, 5 minutes by car

Takumakan was opened by Shinzo Maeda, a world-renowned landscape photographer in Japan.Mr. Shinzo Maeda was fascinated by the scenery of Biei, and taking pictures of Biei Hill was his life’s work.Many beautiful biei scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter are exhibited, and it attracts visitors.According to everyone’s story, the tree in our shop was also taken when Mr. Shinzo Maeda first came to Biei, and it seems to be published in the photo book, but I have not been able to find the photo book yet.If anyone knows more, please let me know.



There are also sunset trees, family trees, ghost trees, phoenix bird trees, picture book trees, three-hearted trees, tree trees, puffy trees, storm trees, Chiyoda hills, patchwork hills, sanai hill observation park, goryo hill, northwest hill, and the trees and hills that are known as the hill of The Moon.If you have any other recommended spots around Biei, please contact us if you like.