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“Dominwari” plan start from July 1st

We are looking forward to your reservation!

The most beautiful villages

Biei-cho and other towns and villages started as a coalition of “the most beautiful villages in Japan”.Please spend a relaxing time in the beautiful village that nature and human activity have built up over a long time.

As an accommodation, it is not large at all, but we have prepared it so that you can relax.

Each room is charged with breakfast and amenities.

Type Capacity Two people
Western-style room type A 2 people ¥5,800 per person
Japanese-style room 2 people ¥5,300 per person
Western-style room type B 2 people ¥4,500 per person

The above price is japanese yen (JPY) notation.

If you are staying alone, you will receive an additional ¥1,000 in the price of the price list.

・Western-style room type A can be accommodated up to three people by using a spare bed.In that case, one additional customer will receive 4,800 yen.

For dinner, we prepare shabu shabu by reservation. There is also a menu from the hotel’s café-restaurant.


About breakfast

Breakfast varies from season to season.
Please contact the staff for more information.

About amenities

Amenities will be prepared as follows.


It is an organic series that contains shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and different herbal extracts.Enjoy the effect scents and gentle aromas of herbal extracts.

Men’s Amenity Set

Toothbrushes, razors, combs, body sponges

Ladies Amenity Set

Toothbrush, hair rubber, cotton swab, cotton, body sponge

Bath towels & face towels

Because it is a used type, it is hygienic.


Guests can make use of disinfected shared slippers at the property.In addition, if you want your own slippers, you can purchase them for ¥100.

If you want to add other amenity goods, we sell various items.



1.3km drive from Mimabeef Station, 18km from
Asahikawa Airport and 24 minutes by car 

071-0473 Shinsei
Parking lot: Abou
t 7 cars (Bikes ca
n park about 6 co
vered garages.))