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The Menu

Coffee and tea

Earl Grey C
eylon S
trawberry Cream Blo
od Orange ※ You

can eat it for +¥200 (tax excluded) for your meal.

Mini Miku Pudding

It is a smooth pudding using fresh cream for Biei milk.The finish is burnt caramel sauce! Please enjoy bitter milk pudding.

You can enjoy your meal for +200 yen (excluding tax).

Wagyu Toro Donburi

Wagyu Troonburi is a great way to enjoy wagyu beef grown up in a vast area of Hokkaido.It is a menu where you can enjoy the melting taste and spreading aroma in your mouth.We are waiting for you to prepare a gem of carefully selected materials.

Biei Spare Ribs

Simmer until it is tender and baked with sweet and spicy sauce.Please enjoy the Biei spare rib of satisfaction that is satisfying to eat.

Tomato Sal
sa Sausage Pizza

It is a pizza topped with fresh tomato sauce, rich cheese, fragrant sausage and special basil sauce topped with homemade dough.

Pork Cutlets

By slowly frying at low temperatures, the taste of the meat was tightly dented.Serve with fruity sauce.

Katsu Curry

Please close the umami of meat and vegetables tightly and enjoy the spiced cutlet curry.

Amairo – Milky Way

Butterfly Peaty

One of biei’s beautiful landscapes, the blue pond and the heavenly sky, the butterfly pie, contains about four times more anthocyanins than blueberries.It has antioxidant properties and has a high anti-aging and whitening effect on your skin.Please enjoy the mysterious heavenly color created by nature.

Strawberry Smoothie

I used honey, Biei milk, yogurt, banana based on strawberry, and finished it very easy to drink.

Maple Nut Waffle

I mixed almonds and cookies in maple ice.It goes very well with fluffy waffles.Please enjoy it by all means.

Rikyu Set

There is a traditional culture called tea ceremony in Japan.The tea ceremony that created words such as “wabi” and “sabi” is a breath of care to think of the other party.At the expo held in The Meiji Era (1872), the manner of “standing” was born to enjoy the tea ceremony at tables and chairs.Please spend a relaxing time with green tea and Japanese sweets.

List of Menus


Winter hours


Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

The notice of the temporary closure will be described here.

For this stay, we will do as you make a reservation.

〒071-0473 Shinsei No.3 T
EL0166-73-3221 Parking Lo
t, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun
, Hokkaido: About 7 cars
(Motorcycles can park abo
ut 6 covered garages.)) 

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